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Pre-First Day of School Ways to Welcome Your Students to the Best Year Ever!

You know what they say, August is one reeeaaalllyyy long Sunday night for teachers.

Some of you are ready to go back to school soon, while some are still finishing up summer. We don't go back to school until September. If you're anything like me, you spend the tail-end of summer thinking about all things back to school.

While I'm getting my classroom ready, practicing self control at the Target Dollar Spot, and taking a peek at first week of school lesson plans, I love to reach out to my soon-to-be students and get to know their families.

Let's jump right into it! Here is how I introduce myself to my students, and welcome them to our classroom before the year begins:

meet the teacher letter

new student gift


Sending out a letter over the summer introducing yourselves to your students is a great way to make a positive first impression! Your students will love reading about you, and will look forward to seeing you when school starts. In my letter, I usually tell my students where I went to college, my hometown, a little bit about where I grew up, and include my favorite hobbies.

Ending your letter letting your students know you are looking forward to seeing them will make them feel welcomed, valued, and important!

If you'd like, you can attach a QR code at the bottom that links to an audio file of you reading the letter, or to a video! I like to include a link to a video of me reading the book Second Grade,Here I come! Your kiddos being able to hear and see you in addition to reading about you simply gives your letter an extra personal touch.
You can download this EDITABLE Meet the Teacher Letter in my TpT store, and choose to include a QR code or not! 

meet the teacher letter          meet the teacher letter


In the envelope with the Meet the Teacher letter is a special Ready Confetti poem.

These are easy-peasy to assemble. I simply print out the poem, place a pinch or so of confetti in a small jewelry baggie, and secure it inside the poem. I usually get confetti and jewelry bags on Amazon! A bonus: the jewelry bags come in a pack of 100, so you'll have 'em for years to come.

I also make sure that the poem can't be readily opened (a hole punch and a piece of ribbon will do the trick). Students should not open the poem until the night before school!

The idea is, that your students will read the poem together with their grown up the night before the first day of school. Everyone, EVERYONE has the jitters the night before the first day of school. Your students (and you) can feel reassured that they will have a fabulous first day, and sleep tight courtesy of the magic "ready confetti."

Download yours for FREE here!

ready confetti ready confetti

New Student/Meet the Teacher Day/Classroom Visit Goodies

If your school hosts a "meet the teacher" day before school begins, that would be a great time to give these "O-FISH-ALLY" (get it...?) notes out. If not, the first day of school works, too! 

All I do is print them on cardstock, and tape to a snack sized bag of fun goldfish crackers. I also put a dot of hot glue in the top corner, tie some ribbon into a bow, and stick it on. Boom, instant "welcome" gift!

This little note is kind of a catch-all! If you're not feeling using them at the beginning of the year, you can use them at any point throughout the year to celebrate different milestones. You could also use to celebrate students moving up to the next grade at the end of the year.

Regardless of how you choose to use them, you can download for FREE here!

o-fish-ally notes

I hope these pre-first day of school things help you while you're planning for the best school year ever! Feel free to check in using the comments below, or post to Instagram or Facebook. I'd love to see how you've used some of these ideas to welcome your new kiddos to your amazing classrooms!

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