April 2023 - Miss Clark's Spoonful

Rainbow Similes: The Best and Most Creative Poetry Lesson for Spring!

rainbow simile activity for the elementary classroom

What is my favorite month to teach writing? April wins!

It's National Poetry Month, and there are so many ways to incorporate some extra creativity.

One of my favorite poetry lessons is teaching about SIMILES.

We start out by talking about what a simile actually is, and look at examples of them. These mentor texts are wonderful for introducing similes, and seeing some in action!

mentor texts for teaching similes

In the spirit of April Showers and all things spring...

we incorporate rainbows and colors into simile writing!


All you'll need is: large pieces of white paper, sets of watercolor paints, and a planning sheet.

rainbow similes written down and a watercolor rainbow

First, students can plan out their color similes on paper. Then, they can get to work on their rainbows!

a child's watercolor painting of a rainbow

Once the watercolor paint is dry (it doesn't take very long), students can copy their similes from their planning sheets onto their rainbows.

It helps to use pencil first, and then go over the writing using a skinny permanent marker!

a child's watercolor painting of a rainbow

These projects make a beautiful display of student work all spring long.

a display of children's artwork, watercolor rainbows

a display of children's artwork, watercolor rainbows


Are Rainbow Similes something you'd like to incorporate in your classroom?

You can download these free printables HERE!

rainbow similes activity

rainbow similes activity

Happy Writing!