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Make Graphing FUN with This Activity!

You know those units that just scream "end of year?"

Even though we practice graphing in some shape and form throughout the school year, our full unit study of graphing & data always accompanies the warmer weather of spring, without fail.

In second grade, we focus on line plots, bar graphs, picture graphs... and more!

I'd love to share with you a lesson that makes graphing relatable, engaging, and FUN.

line plots, bar graphs, and picture graphs activity

Giving students the power of choice can make all the difference in how deeply they develop an understanding of a concept. Math is one of those areas that's super fun to bring an element of choice to!

We've been through our math program's units about collecting data in different ways. For a culminating activity (also a sneakily great formative assessment for you!), the kids REALLY enjoyed collecting data and representing it in different ways.


They got to choose their own topic and survey their classmates!

Here's how it went down:

First, each child (and me!) came up with their own topic to survey their friends about.

bar graphs, picture graphs, and tally chart activity

We collected this information on a table, then transferred it to a tally chart.

data and graphing second grade activity

data and graphing second grade activity

data and graphing second grade activity

data and graphing second grade activity

After collecting initial data in their table, the students then took this information and displayed it on different types of graphs that we learned about throughout this unit: a line plot, a bar graph, and a picture graph.

The second graders chosen topics were so much fun!

data and graphing activity

data and graphing activity

picture graph activity

After collecting the data and representing it on different types of graphs, the students analyzed their data by writing and solving different questions.

"How many more friends said their favorite character was Hermione than Harry?"

"How many people liked Gymnastics and Basketball?"

"How many fewer people liked Spring than Winter?"

The creativity in questioning went on and on!

Choice can make all the difference in bringing any learning concept home.


If this lesson is something you'd like to use with your great graphers in your classroom, I'd be so thrilled.

Download your complete activity pages HERE for FREE!

second grade graphing activity

Happy graphing!

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