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End of Year Gifts for Your Students


What a school year it's been. Whether you're officially on summer vacation, or finishing up your last few days/weeks of school, I am sending you all of the virtual high fives!

I have a serious hot/cold relationship with student gifts. Each year as the last few days of school roll around, I ask myself the same question:

"Should I get my kids gifts this year?"

On one hand, it's a super nice thing to do for your students. It checks off that last box that can make the year feel complete.

On the other hand, the end of the school year is SO busy. Between all of the end-of-year events happening and all that you have on your plate, the energy level of the kids is off the charts.

If you're anything like me, you feel bombarded on social media at this time of the year with pictures of adorable, hand-made, personalized gifts that teachers have made for their students. This can definitely put the pressure on, even though it shouldn't.


Gifts come in the form of the love and appreciation we have for our students.

- spending countless hours working to make our classrooms welcoming spaces.

- designing engaging lessons to reach every child.

- taking care of the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.

THESE are the gifts that begin on day one, and keep giving throughout the year.

There are years when I get my students gifts, and years when I don't. It took me a few years to realize that THAT'S OKAY.

If you are a teacher who buys your students gifts each year, some years, at the beginning of the year, at the end of the year, or anywhere in between, that's awesome too!

You should always feel great about how you express your appreciation for your students in a way that feels genuinely good.

Gift-giving teachers, I have three tips for you that have helped me keep me grounded in my own journey:


You're not putting together gifts for a wedding shower. Don't feel like you need to stop at two or three places to put together an elaborate, themed gift. For example, if you're going for a beachy theme, a sand pail or a sand shovel are just fine on their own.


My friends, at one time, I was the Queen of Cute. I still like to think I have a little bit of this title in me, but over the years, I've definitely evolved as an educator. If you're buying gifts for your students, ask yourself first, "will they use this, or will it end up being thrown away?" If you can't see your students finding a use for your gift, reframe your thinking.


Have a few extra boxes of crayons sitting in the back of your classroom closet? How about those Scholastic points you haven't used that can get you some free books? Sometimes, you may able to tap into the classroom resources you already have without breaking the bank.


Keeping these tips in mind, I have a FREE download for you to use during these last few days of school. What kid doesn't love Play Doh?

Download your gift tags HERE for FREE!

Play Doh End of Year Gift Tag for Students

Play Doh End of Year Gift Tags for Students

You are a treasure and a gift to your students. Happy Summer!

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