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Managing Your Classroom Library... In the Age of COVID!

Happy September, friends!

I hope all is well and that you're easing into somewhat of a school-year routine.

We've finished our first two "weeks" of school here in Connecticut (one 3-day week and one 4-day week), and today, we dove into our first 5-day week. Copious amount of prayers, chocolate, wine, good thoughts, or any combination of the above are accepted! I'm right there with you, teachers. You're all superstars.

We are in-person teaching 5 days a week. At the same time, we're posting lessons online for our remote learners and for the event that we have to go fully online. It's A LOT. Seeing the kids every day is what's getting us through!

One aspect of our "new normal" in the classroom that has made me put my thinking cap on is discovering how to run a fully functional classroom library with little to no shared supplies.

After learning an important foundation lesson, how to choose a "good fit book," we had the grand opening of our classroom library as per usual! The students got to choose eight books to keep in their book boxes for the week. These books will be used during our dedicated "Read to Self" time every day.

These student look-a-like book box labels from Learning in Wonderland are the cutest, right?!

Our classes have been split into two cohorts that alternate the second grade classrooms each week. So, we only have 9 kids in our classrooms each week. In coordination to what our school health officials have advised, my co-teacher and I are keeping a selection of books with specific cohorts.

Back to book shopping, and running a classroom library in the age of COVID!

For morning work each Monday, the students shop for eight new books. These books stay in their book boxes for Read to Self all week, until the end of the week.

This is where the new classroom library star comes in... our Book Quarantine bin!

On the last day of the week, the second graders place their books in the Book Quarantine bin. Here, these well-loved books will sit for one week before they're placed back in our classroom library.

Before you know it, these well-rested books will be germ-free and ready to go back into the rotation for book shopping.


If this is something you think would work in your classroom, I'd be so thrilled! You can download your very own labels for free HERE (choose between two different styles, each with three different sizes)!


I'd love to hear all about how you're doing! Are you teaching in-person, online, or hybrid?

We're all in this together!

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